About us

We are a digital platform for discounted designer products. A mobile first application for premium brands, specific events, limited editions, exclusive deals and overstock. We host live-stream sales events presented by a style coach, personal shoppers, store staff or influencers. Everybody can enjoy the show.

The live streams are shown on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram.

Join us!

We offer the best styles and items of the world’s well-known brands at affordable prices! Discounts may go up to 70%! We partner from designer brands to the famous catwalk brands. Specially curated for you. Along with the best brands comes a world class customer service. Unique pieces, fast delivery and easy return policy. We contribute to a more sustainable world by extending the lifecycle of already produced goods. At the end the most sustainable goods are the ones not produced! Tell a friend to join. Register and benefit from the special offers!

And after that?

Go to VIPOutlet.live and select and buy the style that you like! The Pick-Up is one’s a week on Monday.

After the live stream event you will still have the opportunity to enjoy the show again for 1 week. And of course, buy your favourite style!

How does it work?

We host livestream sales promotion events that vary from 30-45 minutes hosted by a style guru! The events are on a regular basis. To get updates about the events you need to join VIPOutlet.live. In the updates you will learn about the offers we have, which brands and how much discount you will get!

Furthermore, you will hear about the precise date and time of the event. During the show you have to opportunity to interact with the host of the event through Facebook, Instagram. You can ask questions and get immediate response from the host of the show.